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“As an IT Services Provider, we create solid, permanent solutions that work, making all the effort to connect expert level service and executive level support to your staff.”

Over the past 10 years, the IT Support field has globally transformed and is now recognized as the backbone in almost every area of the corporate environment. As a trusted partner, supporting clients from New York to San Francisco, LINC Project brands themselves as ‘not-just-another IT Support company’, but as one who sticks close to their quality support and premium service promise.

We value a standardized and equally approach to business, so no matter the size of your company, each user gets the same IT Support across-the-board. LINC Project gives your company the support it needs to thrive beyond its means on the front lines of an ever-growing technical industry. Run off the mill; quick fix; half time jobs are not in harmony with your company principles, and neither with ours.

Staffed with a team of experts who cherish the value technology brings to your company’s growth, we are always dedicated to focusing on the personal needs of the user by getting to the root of the issue with intelligent IT solutions, working not only to support, but also to enhance.

Our core values are divided into FOUR PILLARS that represent our philosophy to stability and professional support.

LINC understands that Business IT is not a game, but does require serious strategy and execution.

The quality of LINC’s service to you is of the highest quality and mostreliable caliber.

Whatever your schedule is, your systems are in good hands with LINC Project and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Like snowflakes, no two clients are alike. LINC Project understands this and will develop a unique IT plan for your company.

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