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Security Solutions & Services

A full spectrum security review and penetration testing with LINC Project lets you uncover these weaknesses before an attacker does, with enterprise attack scenarios and a comprehensive assessment operated at high industry and regulatory standards.


From time to time, major companies with sizable security budgets fall victim to cyber-attacks. As a result, their systems, privacy and sensitive data are compromised, leaving them exposed through holes that could’ve been patched.


What We Offer


Early intervention is paramount to keeping your network air-tight. As quickly as technology is evolving, so are serious threats. No one can afford to leave sensitive data and privacy at risk. LINC Project is engaged to help small to large businesses by offering fully featured security services, assessments and staff training.

Network & Physical Layer Vulnerability Assessment

We carefully tackle your network with internal & external wireless penetration testing, DoS/DDoS Test, IoT & ICS exploitation.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Exposed leaks and focus on user facing threats that handle sensitive information, and your business’s reputation.

Social Engineering & Pretexting

91% of attacks start with phishing, so we start there to, physically and digitally communicating with staff as part of gauging staff risk level


Our Approach to Security

We’ll sit down with you to review a detailed report of weaknesses, ratings and recommendations to construct a clear action plan, complete with a post-engagement security consult.


Handle data security regulations and law for high privacy and assault scenarios.

End-Users security awareness trainings

We prepare your staff to address security incidents, crisis, best practices and compliance standards.

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