Managed IT Services

New York City and San Francisco

– The ALL-IN-ONE Business IT Solution –

The Challenge

Company Officers must not only define their hardware and software costs, but also the cost of unplanned events such as unexpected system downtime. They also have to integrate the human cost (holidays, sick days, training, bonuses…) when recruiting. Obviously they would prefer to focus 100% on their main activity and industry rather than IT issues.

– Costly recruitment process or training requirements.
– Human resources headaches.

The Solution

Many companies entrust their IT needs (Managed IT Services) to a specialized provider who can deliver technical solutions on time and at minimal cost. LINC Project can help companies of all sizes to answer these important challenges and find the solutions that fit your businesses needs while controlling IT costs.

– Professionals with proven IT experience.
– Proactive remote and on-site visits maintenance to minimize costly downtime.
– Monthly flat fee.

LINC Project’s Managed IT Services includes:

Unlimited remote and on-site Users IT Support (Enterprise package)

Maintenance of the IT infrastructure elements (servers, network...)

Maintenance of covered applications and software

Hardware assistance on covered devices

IT Organization (reporting, strategy, budget, hardware purchase...)


The Results Are Amazing

By outsourcing your company’s IT support and infrastructure to LINC Project, you too can minimize costly downtime and take advantage of tangible benefits.


Your systems are in good hands: we take all the necessary actions to ensure that your infrastructure remains at its peak efficiency so that you can focus on your business.
By continuously monitoring and pro-actively optimizing your systems, we act before you suffer from a potential failure.


Systems Monitoring

Scheduled on-site visits

Proactive maintenance


Security solutions

Do you have any IT concerns? We have the solution!