Managed IT Services

We take all the IT burden off your shoulders to let you focus on what you do best.

The Challenge

Company Officers must not only define their hardware and software costs, but also the cost of unplanned events such as unexpected system downtime. They also have to integrate the human cost (holidays, sick days, training, bonuses…) when recruiting. Obviously they would prefer to focus 100% on their main activity and industry rather than IT issues.

– Costly recruitment process or training requirements.
– Human resources headaches.

The Solution

Many companies entrust their IT needs (Managed IT Services) to a specialized provider who can deliver technical solutions on time and at minimal cost. LINC Project can help companies of all sizes to answer these important challenges and find the solutions that fit your businesses needs while controlling IT costs.

– Professionals with proven IT experience.
– Proactive remote and on-site visits maintenance to minimize costly downtime.
– Monthly flat fee.

Why Managed IT Services with LINC Project?

Remote and on-site IT Support with Scheduled on-site visits

Servers administration and Proactive Maintenance

Network administration and monitoring


Secured solutions (Centralized Anti virus & anti malware Solution)

IT Organization (reporting, strategy, budget, hardware purchase...)


Competitive flat-rate fee

Client satisfaction

Want to know more about our Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services: an All-in-one business Solution

Remote Support

A LINC Project technician can remote into your computer and resolve the issue while you watch.

  • Hardware issues
  • Printing problems
  • Email problems
  • Software setup

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On-Site Support

For emergency situations, LINC Project will dispatch a certified technician to your location to diagnose and find a solution.

Network/Server Maintenance

Your network and servers are the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Patches, updates and upgrades are necessary to keep it running efficiently at all times.


Security is a trendy topic. But when it comes to your Data, network and Systems, we take pro-active measure to ensure all threats are taken care of.

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-malware
  • Login and Permissions Management

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24/7 Monitoring

We believe that most issues can be prevented by a constant monitoring and alerting system. It is our duty to be aware of potential failure before our clients.


We design and deliver backup solutions ensuring your Data is safe and secure. Check our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.

The Results are Amazing

Reduced Costs

Costs Reduction

By outsourcing your company’s IT support and infrastructure to LINC Project, you too can minimize costly downtime and take advantage of tangible benefits.

Reliable solutions

Reliable Solutions

Your systems are in good hands: we take all the necessary actions to ensure that your infrastructure remains at its peak efficiency so that you can focus on your business.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

By continuously monitoring and pro-actively optimizing your systems, we act before you suffer from a potential failure.

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What Our Customers Say


I cannot express enough how much I loved working with LINC, specifically Ludovic and Jermaine! After about a year of sub-par IT/AV service from a different vendor, I decided to change providers and was introduced to Ludovic through a colleague of mine. From the first meeting, Ludovic knew exactly what we needed and how to get the job done. Ludovic and one of his engineers, Jermaine, who became our dedicated engineer and part of our team, found various ways to increase our connectivity, decrease costs and were able to navigate extremely difficult information roadblocks created by our central IT department. I cannot recall, ever, being told by Jermaine or Ludovic that they can’t finish something or “that’s just how it is.” They always found a solution and ensured I knew exactly why and how something was being handled. So much so, that I know way more than I ever thought I would about IT! 😉 These guys are the best and I would recommend them to anyone. They’ll end up becoming part of your team!

Cynthia Stout

Cynthia S.

Office Manager

Request A Free Network Audit Today!

Are you potentially vulnerable to security threats? Is your network properly setup and secured? Book your FREE network audit with us today and we will deliver you a complete report of your network activity and setup. No engagement!


Request A Free Network Audit Today!

Are you potentially vulnerable to security threats? Is your network properly setup and secured? Book your FREE network audit with us today and we will deliver you a complete report of your network activity and setup. No engagement!

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