Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost all your business documents and data one day? That would mean that your business operations are paralyzed and dysfunctional for a certain period.

That would be disastrous, right?

A  survey done in the year 2015 on disaster management shows most business downtime caused by various errors on average lasts last for one hour and can cost companies lots of money.

For small companies it was estimated to cost as much as $8,000, for mid-size organizations, the research shows that it cost them up to $74,000, and $700,000 for large franchises.

When it comes to managing risks in your business, being proactive is key. Here are 7 reasons why you need a business disaster recovery plan.

Hardware Failure

While you can take all the necessary steps to protect your machines at the office, you can never be too sure. Machine failure can be eminent all the time, to make sure that you are well protected and your hardware is safe, you can consider the following;

  • Installing strong antivirus programs to protect against malware
  • Offsite storage
  • Cloud back up
  • Proper training for the employees using the most crucial machines

While all the above are needed and actually go a great deal to help protect your business, you’ll still need a detailed data recovery plan in case of data loss.

Having a detailed disaster recovery strategy is the sure bet that if you were to experience data loss, your business would be back to its feet in no time.

Human Error

No one is perfect. Human error is a common occurrence everywhere. While you can do all to avoid errors, you will need to stay protected if these errors occur.

Human error can range from flipping the wrong switch, forgetting to save crucial data, hardware damages or erroneous data deletion.

The priority of any business is to protect its data especially for the sake of the clients and customers. Therefore, a data recovery plan is crucial for your business.

Instead of embarking on blame game once an error occurs. Protect your business by having a planned out data recovery plan.

This would mean that you outsource these services to trusted IT service providers. Yes, that is right, you do not have to employ a resident IT manager — you can employ services from an external IT firm.

Cyber Crime

Sadly, the internet world has been marred by hackers and malware. Did you know that your business competitors can seek to destroy your data in a move to compete with you?

Therefore, how safe is your business data? How protected are you? Backing up your system against cybercrime needs technical know-how from an experienced IT practitioner.

To be fully protected you will need a data recovery plan if this disaster were to hit you. The main focus here should be getting your business back to operation as soon as possible as cyber-crimes can be catastrophic.

Natural Disaster

Mother Nature can be aggressive sometimes, and the more reason that your business needs a disaster recovery plan.

You can never anticipate nature. Sometimes floods, earthquakes, and other calamities can render a business extinct. Research shows that 80% of business that closes down for more than five days for whatever reason never get back up.

Therefore, make plans to have a business recovery plan for your business as you do not want to be a victim of nature.

The main information on your business operations is stored in your devices and the more reasons you should protect them by having a clear recovery work plan in case data damage.

Customer Service

It’s almost obvious that customers do not care much whether your business was hacked or not. If you run franchises such as law firms or hospitals, you know that client- data is important.

This means that you need to protect the records by all means possible. On the other hand, you can easily lose clients to your competitors if your services are poor.

Evidently, the main assets for a business, and especially the service industry, is your clients and. Thus, you want to protect that by all means. Having a recovery strategy means that you have a backup for your record

If there’s a disaster, you are able to retrieve them for your clients.

The faster you get the records restored after damage the better for your business. Taking too long to serve your clients can cost you clients and money.

It Is a Financial Move

Losing data and records for a business is unimaginable. What’s worse, there are business owners who are oblivious of the fact that they could lose their businesses through data loss and damage.

Whether your business is large or small, you need to be aware of the cost implication that could cause if you lost your records.

In most cases, losing the data is rarely the problem as you can recover it. To recover it, however, you need to have a data recovery strategy worked out beforehand by a technical expert.

Do not wait to lose your business to a possible disaster to have a recovery plan installed. Talk to an IT manager immediately.

Business Continuity

Having a business recovery plan is not just a short term move or a preventive measure in case of a disaster. It is a crucial business continuity tool.

Every two in three businesses in America lack this crucial detail in their records. Most entrepreneurs argue that they do not have a disaster instituted in their business as they do not consider it a priority.

On the contrary, it is paramount to detail a business recovery plan for all departments in the business. It helps a business get back on the feet in case of downtime or a disaster.

The plan needs to be comprehensive and should detail all the steps you’d take to bring back business from scratch.

Some disasters may claim the lives of employees and sadly so, all the people that have information concerning the business. To be on the safe side, have a detailed recovery plan and an external back up for your data.

Is a Business Disaster Recovery Plan For You?

All businesses are at risk of getting into one disaster or another. It could be natural, man-made or just normal human error.

It is time to protect your investment. Talk to us today and let’s chart a proper business disaster recovery plan for your business.

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Ludovic Levivier

Founder & CEO, LINC Project, INC. a Managed Service Provider in New York and San Francisco

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