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    Cybersecurity expert reveals 4 words you should never click on — or risk bank fraud

    "By stealthily recording sensitive personal and financial information, like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, [spyware] presents a significant risk," the expert said.

    Experience AI-enhanced meetings in every Teams Room

    Watch this short video to see how easily you can level up productivity with AI-powered intelligent meeting Recap and the Copilot in Teams experience - even with your existing hardware. Contact LINC Project when you are ready to create a more...

    Microsoft unveils expansion of AI for security and security for AI at Microsoft Ignite

    Do you have all the cybersecurity talent you need to ensure a fully functioning SOC? If you're like many companies, you have gaps in your cybersecurity team, thanks to a growing lack of cybersecurity professionals. This lack of talent, combined with...

    Project Gutenberg brings free audiobooks to the global community with AI-generated book narration

    When Microsoft learned that the oldest digital library and leading distributor of free eBooks wanted to make its collection more accessible to a broader community of members, including the visually impaired, and those without access to traditional...

    Copilot in Teams and Intelligent recap | After the meeting

    Watch this short demo video for a look at how quickly Copilot in Teams builds on the highlights available from Intelligent recap and helps you dig deeper into the meeting context so you can stay in sync on what comes next. Ready to make Copilot in...

    Discover new cloud security tools

    Are you investing in the right tools to secure your cloud environment? Book a free consultation to discover new cloud security solutions.

    Ensure cybersecurity compliance—free consultation

    You're probably too busy running your business to keep track of the rapidly growing number of cybersecurity regulations. Fortunately, we have you covered. Book a free consultation to see if your business is security compliant.

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    Cloud computing's balancing act: Are we in a mushroom cloud moment?

    Opinion: In many ways, the computing cloud is the cyber version of the Trinity mushroom cloud.

    New SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules: How enterprises can prepare

    While applicable only to public companies, all businesses would be wise to familiarize themselves with these new SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules.

    Simplifying cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure

    Migrating to the cloud and modernizing resources in today's rapidly changing and complex internet landscape can be a major challenge for organizations like yours. Fortunately, a solution is at hand. Download this eBook for an in-depth exploration of...

    Cyber attacks are costly. Are you protected?

    51% of small businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place at all. Don't become another victim to this statistic.

    Small businesses have lost this much money since January 2024 (in thousands of dollars)