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    What's new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Are you ready to go from GenAI experimentation to solutions at scale?

    The AI era is here — and moving at warp speed rerouting technology roadmaps and dramatically accelerating transformation and value realization timelines. Microsoft is once again at the forefront of development and deployment of responsible AI. In...

    Analytics Lessons Learned: How five companies increased data value with unified analytics solutions

    Even when well along on the journey to digital transformation, many organizations are still unable to extract timely and accurate insights from their data. How do they get back on the right track? Read this eBook about how unified cloud analytics...

    Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

    If your cybersecurity team or SOC is overwhelmed, you should know about Microsoft's Defender Experts for XDR, a service that supports your in-house staff when needed. Powered by Microsoft's industry-leading Defender XDR suite, Defender Experts for...

    INSPIRE Environmental uses Azure AI to improve efficiency and streamline data analysis to meet the pace of offshore wind development

    INSPIRE Environmental (INSPIRE), is a Venterra Group company dedicated to monitoring seafloor health. Labor-intensive data collection and analysis was impacting the quality of data and jeopardizing the company's long-standing reputation for...

    Del Monte Foods improves system uptime by 99.99%, saves 57% on infrastructure, and reduces security risk by 50%

    When leadership at Del Monte Foods Inc. saw that their existing cloud infrastructure was leading to higher maintenance costs, limited scalability and performance bottlenecks, the company turned to Microsoft Azure as a solution. Read this revealing...

    Copilot in Teams: Ask Better Questions

    When it's time to kickstart your brain cells into action, turn on Copilot for a list of insightful questions to ask in a pitch meeting or creative brainstorming session. Watch.

    Microsoft Copilot for Security provides immediate impact for the Microsoft Defender Experts team | Microsoft Security Blog

    Microsoft's Copilot AI assistant offers great opportunities for helping SOCs and other security professionals in their work. That's why the Microsoft Defender Experts team has been exploring ways in which Copilot for Security can help them to...

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    Belfius uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to help detect fraud and money laundering

    When Belfius, a prominent Belgian bank, started using AI and Machine Learning in operations, they struggled to synergize results for monitoring potential illegal activity. What did they do? Read this insightful customer story showing how by using...

    Top 3 tips for using Microsoft Copilot in Teams

    Watch this tutorial to learn how Microsoft Copilot in Teams can help catch you up when you're running late, inspire discussion topics, and even recommend ideas to help break the awkward silences. Contact LINC Project to get started with Copilot in...

    Accelerate cloud migration and modernize applications at your pace with Azure VMware Solution.

    Ready to plan a cloud migration but not sure where to begin? Reach out to LINC Project for help moving forward at your own pace.

    Cyber attacks are costly. Are you protected?

    51% of small businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place at all. Don't become another victim to this statistic.

    Small businesses have lost this much money since January 2024 (in thousands of dollars)