Ever wondered if you should invest more to improve your company’s IT services? Is it worth the money?

Make no mistake, your information technology is crucial in today’s landscape. It’s the one that handles large online and data services. It solves complex issues like communications and research.

If you’re a small business, an entire team dedicated to IT costs money. Outsourced IT services are the answer to the small business dilemma.

Outsourcing IT can save you tons of time and money. Through small business IT outsourcing, you keep your operations smooth without the hefty cost of a dedicated team.

How can managed IT save you money? Here’s how:

1. Lower Operations Cost At Hiring

The first thing that saves you big chunks in your finances is the cost of managed services. If you have a dedicated team, you’re paying not only for facilities but also for salaries. You would want to make these fees competitive to get people to perform.

For a small business, you need at least a team of 3 to 4 people to take care of your information technology. This means whether they’re securing your systems or not, you’re paying them. This is not the case with small business IT outsourcing.

Managed services cost is much lower because you’re not the only client. Because many people take the services of the outsourcing team, this affords them to cut down charges per client. You’re also paying for results.

Also, you’re skipping out on having to pay extra fees to your IT staff. You’re skipping charges for vacation leaves, medical leaves, health insurance and much more.

MIT studies confirm that for every $96 million invested in IT outsourcing, there is an extra $120 million savings in non-IT services on average. This does not count the extra cost-cutting that cloud computing affords new businesses.

2. No Need To Train Dedicated IT Teams

When it comes to outsourcing IT, another way of saving money is the lack of need for formal training in your staff. Managed IT services make sure that their teams are professionals, which means you don’t need to spend money training.

Many businesses sink a good amount of time and money finding the right people for the job. This can be a challenge, considering finding good employees with robust expertise in IT problems is hard. Vetting for such people will take a long while.

If you’re hiring entry level professionals, you need to provide in-house training. Small businesses can’t afford that.

When it comes to human resources, the cost of managed services tends to be much smaller. What you’re getting from outsourced teams are consummate professionals. They have years of training under their belt.

For a smaller managed services cost, you get experts in the IT industry to help you with your issues. Outsourcing frees you from the hassle of training your own in-house professionals.

3. Increase Your Total Productivity

One of the general obstacles of small business IT outsourcing is time zones. Depending on where the team is, you can have them available only at specific hours a day. Even then, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Outsourcing IT means you get to set the work time with them. It doesn’t matter what time zone they are available. They will follow your schedule.

At the same time, a managed IT team will be productive long after you close. Some IT services provide 24-hr IT services for busy corporations. You also don’t get slowdowns during your peak operational hours.

If a managed IT service does not result in a stoppage, that leads to more productivity. More productivity results in better revenue for your business.

4. Lower Risk with SLA

With the cost of managed services, you mitigate the risk of the task. Let’s say for IT services, this lets you focus all your effort into growing your business. You don’t have to worry that the IT side of your company fails.

Service level agreements or SLAs make sure that there’s a standard of care between the two companies. For the managed services cost, you get to make sure you get quality service each other. A small business IT outsourcing company cannot risk such a problem, so they make sure SLAs work in favor of both.

This means you save money on the need for liability insurance. This also means less for your finance and legal teams to work on, letting them focus on crucial stages that grow the company.

5. Better Focus, Improved Workflow

When you’re outsourcing IT, you streamline the operations of your business. Workflows happen according to plan, with IT experts handling on your company issues. This results in a more efficient undertaking in total.

Why do you get more efficient when you get managed IT? For a company to work, you need to have all moving parts working in sync. This also means that the more moving parts you have in your company, the more you have to track.

Small business IT outsourcing allows you to reduce the moving parts of your company. This streamlines your workflow, letting you focus on what you do best. You get to provide your services without having extra support people to take care.

This opens the door for different ideas, from expansion to improving customer service to better internal management. The cost of managed services is worth it if you can set your eyes for the price better than before.

Outsourced IT Services Save You Money Now and Tomorrow

There are many ways that outsourcing IT can save your business big bucks. With a bird’s eye view, not only do you save from instant expert services and lower managed services cost, but you also save extra on premium SLAs and professional services.

Outsourced IT services are a great way to streamline and focus your business on critical things for growth.

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