New Year’s Eve is upon us! It’s a time for celebration, reflection, and (more often than not) remorse.
In 2014 we saw the raise of China, the fall of Sony, phones bend, and software break. It wasn’t all bad though.
The cloud continued its march forward. Tablets continue to become more normal than desktops, and in the movies… the Imitation Game reminded us just how important computer technology has been throughout history.
So, before we take out our champagne flutes and oversized 2015 sunglasses, the LINC Project blog will attempt to look into the future to identify five important technology trends for 2015:

* How much is that firewall in the window?
This one is probably a given, but for IT security it’s been a year of hacks, hackers, and quacks. Given the prevalence of the cloud and floating information, the importance of IT security will be more imperative than ever. Also, will this finally be the year that biometric password data comes into play?

* BYOD Vs. Our Own Device
As Google and Apple continue to grapple for a larger share of the mobile device pie and Blackberry descends further into the river Styx, companies are going to have to continue to redefine their BYOD policy. Will large companies be comfortable working out of the Apple iCould or will they long for the days of a Blackberry Enterprise Server MDM solution? It’s the age old question of how much control does an enterprise with to give up over cost.

* Cool watch, but does it tell the time?
What was once only a product of science fiction has now become science reality with the release of ‘Smart Watches’ by both Apple and Samsung. These devices put the advantages of technology not just at your fingertips, but on your wrist as well. Along with other forms of wearable tech coming in 2015, we can’t be far away from the self-drying jackets of Back To the Future.

* It only goes higher.
Cloud computing made two major advances this year. It became cheaper and more voluminous. More data than ever is now stored in the cloud as the hardware and software for such a feat becomes cheaper and more voluminous. One thing is certain. In 2015, cloud computing technology will become even cheaper and even more voluminous.

* 10 times the charm.
Microsoft is looking to wrestle away a larger share of the tablet market with its release of Windows 10 which has been specially designed for its Surface Pro line of tables. As Microsoft continues to define a tablet/desktop niche space within its Windows environment, one cannot help but wonder if they will succeed or will the market pull them even further away from traditional desktops?


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