In today’s Corporate America, there are so many different aspects of a business that needs to be streamlined. It takes all of those departments being efficient in order for a company to thrive.

However, sometimes there just isn’t room in a small business structure for all those needs to be met by in-house employees.

That means that departments such as IT, that are extremely necessary, aren’t getting the attention they require.

Fortunately, there are managed IT services that can help you out. You may be wondering What are managed services?

Here is a general guide of what they are and how they can help your business.

What Managed IT Services Are

There are several things that an IT service can do for your business. Simply put, they can be an outsourcing option for you to cater to your IT needs.

In this day and age, IT needs are at an all-time… it’s never been a more essential part of the business than right now.

Here are a few of the needs your business has an how a managed service can help fill them.

IT Maintenance

Even the most non-tech-savvy people in the world know how fickle IT devices can be. Just a simple glitch or software update can send your employees spiraling.

Your managed IT service will help ensure that all your equipment is up-to-date and running smoothly.

If anything were to cause a setback, they have the experience to fix it as soon as possible. You’ll experience less wasted time due to IT maintenance.

Streamlined Software

The software and security features of IT devices are constantly changing for optimal protection to your business.

While that’s extremely important, it can also be extremely overwhelming to keep track of what devices need software updates and when.

Hiring managed IT services NYC will keep a constant eye out for updates that can help your system and wait until the optimal time to install them outside of business hours if necessary.

Remote Support

Just because your IT provider isn’t in-house, doesn’t mean you won’t be serviced as soon as possible… they’re always a call away.

They can work remotely and will be able to fix a lot of your IT issues from a remote location.

If the problem gets too complicated to be treated remotely, they’ll schedule a time to come into the office and take care of it right away. They’ve always got your back!

Preventive Protection

The best way to cure a virus or stop a hacker is by setting you and your company up with proper security before it happens.

Hiring a managed IT service gives your business access to years of experience and know-how in the IT security world. They’ve been protecting businesses from hackers and viruses for a long time and understand how to combat it.

They can give you pointers on what sites to avoid and event set up a firewall on certain sites they know to be a breeding ground for viruses.

There are new viruses and attacks sprouting up all the time. Cyber attacks happen every day. Get your business a service whose job it is to study them and knows how to attack it.

Signs That Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

Now that you know a few essentials that IT services can bring to your business, it’s time to learn the signs that you need it.

Take a look at these top signs and consider whether your company falls under the description of one if not all of them.

Lack of IT In-House

This one may be a bit obvious, but if your company doesn’t have at least one IT worker on staff, you need an IT service.

It doesn’t matter whether your Marketing Manager had previous IT experience in his/her career, they shouldn’t be the ones in charge of your IT needs.

Information Technology is constantly changing. The experience they have is most likely irrelevant now. Your company needs a service that’s up with the times and demands of your IT department.

Too Much on Your IT Department’s Plate

Even if you have an IT professional or two on staff, you’re not out of the woods just yet.

If your IT department is understaffed (which is highly likely), then you’re putting too much on their plate. They won’t be able to handle maintenance, security, support, and device management all at once.

Hiring a managed IT service can be a huge relief to your in-house IT staff. It helps lessen their load so they can focus on what they need to accomplish.

Lessening Your Burden

Some company owners make the mistake of placing the IT burden solely on themselves so everyone else can focus on their daily tasks.

Take this article at its word: handling IT needs by yourself isn’t worth the money you’re trying to save on in-house staff.

You and your staff wear enough hats throughout the day as-is. Adding the IT to your plate means it won’t get the service that it needs.

There’s a logical solution available in a managed IT service. Get yourself equipped with one today!

What Are Managed Services: An Essential Piece to Your Business

Now you know the answer to your question of “What are managed services?”.

They help take the IT needs of your company off your hands so you can focus on what you need to on a daily basis.

Be sure to read this article on managed IT service must-have’s for helpful info on what to look for in the IT managed service you should hire.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to discuss with you further.

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