For marketing agencies who want more productivity from their managed IT services

Managed IT services covers a lot of technical ground. For marketing agencies, this usually means having reliable tech solutions and keeping networks and servers running smoothly.

It should go without saying, but the best way to avoid having downtime and other tech issues is to work with a managed IT services company that is proactive and responsive to your needs.

Be careful of IT firms that only talk about specializing in tech stacks and anti-virus capabilities.

You want a managed IT services firm that is going to communicate regularly with your marketing agency to help you reach your unique goals.

Great  managed IT services means being proactive in working with your company and extremely responsive when you have a problem.

Here’s a few ways how that is done.

Reliable IT solutions for marketing agencies

With so many moving parts to today’s tech stacks, it’s imperative your IT is reliable and set up to integrate with your agency as you grow.

For many marketing agencies, this means:

  • Copy/Printing
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Office applications
  • Network infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing
  • And more

When working properly, printers print on demand, cloud storage syncs without a hitch and networks connect everything together seamlessly.

But it’s tech after all. Bad things can happen.

Everything from USB cords becoming unplugged to email clients not working properly to massive network or server failures can leave your agency with massive amounts of downtime.

At LINC Project, we perform regular maintenance and monitoring on all of your tech to hopefully avoid any unforeseen disasters. We suggest you work with an IT provider that is consistently communicating with you on this important part of your relationship.

Through our monitoring, for example, we can tell when a problem with a desktop or network is occurring. This allows us to jump on the problem.

Unlike remote IT firms and other companies, we’ll come to you immediately to fix the problem if we have to.

We also speak with our clients regularly to let them know what’s on the horizon. It could be a maintenance check or letting them know it’s time to install an update. Sometimes, it is just to check in to see how things are going.

By regularly communicating, your company is freed from having to worry about IT and can instead focus on your work.

If you do not work with a managed IT services firm that communicates with you on a regular basis (or keeps you waiting on appointments), you should seriously think about seeing what else is out there.

If someone keeps you waiting now, what’s going to happen when you tech becomes unreliable?

 Key factors to help you decide if Outsourcing IT is best for your company.


Managed IT services to help your marketing agency grow

When companies expand or need a larger footprint/office, the tech upgrades that come with it can be complicated.

You go from simple to complex. One minute you have some cloud-based applications and a few computers.

The next thing you know you are hiring more employees and need a new email client. You start hosting your owns servers, racks, and back-ups in-house because it make sense.

And you also need better anti-virus protection and a way to secure your client data.

At LINC Project, we help you take the long view on your growth.

We give you an unbiased opinion on equipment and other solutions. Since we don’t have any deals with third parties, authorized resellers or others, we focus only on finding the best solution for you.

A responsive managed IT services firm helps your marketing agency be productive

You shouldn’t have to guess on whether your IT is making your office more productive.

While any piece of tech can have an unforeseen problem, a great managed IT services firm will make sure your tech solutions are reliable and healthy.

From there, you should be kept abreast through formal reviews, possibly by the sharing of data (if necessary) and regular communication.

Having a managed IT services firm handle your tech is a huge productivity driver for your company.

Just make sure you find the provider for your needs, one who will communicate with you on a regular basis and be responsive when you face issues with your tech.

If you have a problem, LINC is known for providing same-day service to get situations under control quick so your office remains productive.

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Ludovic Levivier

Founder & CEO, LINC Project, INC. a Managed Service Provider in New York and San Francisco

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