It’s great when your company scales from a few employees to possibly dozens — or even hundreds. The tradeoff is with more employees and workload come increased technical needs and responsibilities.

Hiring a managed service Provider in NYC to handle your technology needs is a smart decision.

Hiring an IT firm will:

  • Minimize your downtime
  • Keep your devices and systems operating at peak efficiency
  • Save you money

Let’s take a look at how hiring a specialized provider to oversee your tech infrastructure will help you realize these benefits.

1. Where are the cost savings when hiring a managed service provider?

If you are a company officer without an IT director on staff , here’s a sampling of what you are responsible for:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Annual and multi-year planning, including hardware and software maintenance and replacement
  • Technology strategy
  • Emergency planning
  • Daily oversight of technical infrastructure

These are critical operational issues for your company. It takes hours upon hours of planning, training and operational expertise to get them right.

You only have a limited time in your day. Since this is not an area where you are an expert, doesn’t it make sense to hand them off to someone else for a fair price? This allows you to focus on the critical growth areas your company needs to stay ahead.

2. The HR cost savings of managed IT services

If you need to hire an IT director , you need to factor in salary plus HR costs like insurance and benefits. For a lot of firms, this makes it cost-prohibitive — or the money is better spent on another position.

If you decide to hire, you need to either engage a recruiting firm or perform your own search for an IT services director.

To top it off, say you do hire someone. There is always the unexpected which can occur. People get sick. Families have emergencies.

For example, if your IT director gets the flu, will you have adequate coverage for the week?

The answer to the last question is yes if you hire a company like us. At LINC Project, we deliver all technical solutions for your company and have the staff depth to cover emergencies

Instead of a lengthy search, we will come to you to give you an analysis of your IT. If you are hire us, we go the extra mile to ensure your IT is running efficiently and safely.

Unlike remote-only service providers, we do both proactive remote and on-site visits depending on your needs. We perform regular maintenance to your tech infrastructure to minimize costly downtime. We work with you to find the solutions that fit your needs within budget.

And you never have to worry about a sick day because we employ a team of experienced IT professionals. For all this, you pay a flat fee every month.

3. How does a managed service provider provide value?

When you hire a managed service provider in NYC, the simple answer is the firm will keep your technology infrastructure safe and running with no problems.

The fact is this: If you are the owner or manager of a medium or large-sized company, you don’t have the time to keep up with the changes in tech.

Further, it’s essential to learn how to service all the devices and systems your company uses everyday.

If you are trying to handle your team’s IT needs, your time is far better spent running your business.

So what would we do while you are busy growing your business?

Depending on your needs, a managed service provider in NYC like LINC Project will come into an organization and provide:

  • Maintenance of the IT infrastructure elements like servers and your network
  • Maintenance of applications and software
  • Hardware assistance on covered devices like laptops
  • The overall IT reporting, strategy, budget, hardware purchases, etc. for the organization

4. Mistakes you can avoid when you hire a managed service provider in NYC

Often times companies try to train individual staff members to handle the basics of tech maintenance. However, you could be setting yourself up for an expensive disaster.

Servers can crash. Software can get infected with a virus or malware. Your hardware could break very easily just because of an employee accident (Ever dropped a cell phone or laptop? Things happen). Often times critical files are lost because they were not stored properly in a cloud environment .

In any of these cases, an employee or your entire company could go offline, causing productivity to grind to a halt until things get fixed. The truth is the partially-trained “IT person,” who has other core responsibilities, probably doesn’t have the knowledge to get you back to full speed.

Your only option is to pay for an expensive emergency response — money that would have been better spent paying experts to handle the day-to-day for you from the onset.

When you work with a company like LINC Project, a fully-staffed managed IT services firm in NYC, we can help you be both proactive and reactive to these problems.

It’s like buying insurance for your entire tech stack
at a discounted price — as opposed to calling us in an emergency.

Another mistake we see companies make is pushing too many duties to a trained IT staff member. Companies often think bringing in an outside group like us will force them to lose control of their tech.

Nothing can be further from the truth. We can work in concert with your IT staff, whether that’s fitting seamlessly into your current tech or setting up new tech for you.

By working with us, it allows your IT director to focus on strategy and planning for the future. We can take care of the routine maintenance, emergencies, planning or whatever you desire.

5. How to hire a managed service provider in NYC

At LINC Project, we can offer you the best of all worlds and directly address your company’s needs.

Unlike many firms, we do not have any third-party arrangements for hardware, software and other IT tech.

This means we will not influence you to purchase anything, only give you an honest assessment if we think it can help your company.

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Founder & CEO, LINC Project, INC. a Managed Service Provider in New York and San Francisco

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